Digital potato guide

The objective of the Potato Demonstration Day is to provide a forum that serves the potato sector. One of the objectives is to connect parties in the chain to each other. The digital potato guide functions as a database to the sector and can be consulted by anybody interested in potatoes.

Click on the relevant category to find a list. 

 1.  Producers (organisations)  
 2.  Fertilisation 
 3.  Crop protection
 4.  Contractors 
 5.  Ancillary industries
 6.  Research
 7.  Organised interest groups
 8.  Trade and businesses
 9.  Exporters
10. Packers
11. Packing materials
12. Handling and processing
13. Transport and logistics 
14. Machine manufacturers and importers               

15. Mechanisation businesses 
16. Storage technology 
17. Construction companies 
18. Promotion 
19. Consultancy and advisory services 
20. Service organisations 
21. Brokers 
22. Financial institutions 
23. Media (incl. internet) 
24. Training and certification 
25. Communication and publicity
26. Catering, gastronomy 
27. Other  

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